Connie Crawford

Moving with the breath is so much more powerful than the sum of its parts and its the transformational nature of yoga – physically, emotionally and spiritually – that brings Connie back to the mat nearly everyday.

Connie first discovered vinyasa yoga when she was training to be a lawyer and knew early on in her practice that it would become a practice for life. Yoga keeps Connie grounded despite the intensity of London life and was an important support for her early on in her legal career. So in love with the practice, Connie embarked on her first teacher training in ashtanga vinyasa and rocket yoga in 2017 and after spending some time juggling both worlds – teaching yoga alongside working as a lawyer – Connie decided to turn her passion into her way of life.

Connie teaches a range of styles from dynamic vinyasa, rocket and mandala vinyasa to slow flow, yin yoga and meditation. Despite being strong and challenging, Connie’s classes are led with an encouraging tone and a steady focus on the breath. Whether guiding a fiery sequence or a mellow flow, Connie encourages her students to turn their awareness inwards, to become more mindful of their experience in the present moment and to develop a steady sense of inner strength and calm.