Helen Russell-Clark

Helen Russell-ClarkRocket Yoga – Wednesdays 7:30-9pm

Learn the Rocket!
Ever wondered what Rocket Yoga is? Scared of the name…? Don’t be! It’s not all handstands and hollowbacks… The Rocket is a set sequence created by Larry Scultz in 1980’s and nicknamed so by Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead because it “get’s you there faster”. And that’s exactly what it’s designed to do, lift you, raise your energy levels, leave you on a high… Practitioners of the Rocket are encouraged to modify to their own ability. So whether that means handstands between every surya, or dropping to your knees in your chaturanga, the Rocket is for everyone! As long as you’re present, breathe, let go of your ego and have fun, this class is for YOU!

Helen originally trained as an actor and discovered yoga as an integral tool to calm the mind in high pressure situations and lifestyle. Naturally a person of low energy, she discovered a little sattva in her life when she began practising Rocket yoga, a more dynamic style. Finding the balance of yin and yang, she soon began to love this fun, high energy practice and is now a self confessed inversions junkie.

Helen did her first training with Yogahaven, where she also now teaches and trained in Rocket Yoga under David Kyle. Expect her to guide you through you a dynamic class that will make you sweat, full of light, playfulness and grounded in Yogic philosophy. Her aim is to guide others to experiencing the many amazing benefits of yoga for both body and mind.